What we learned this week

Farnham Repair Cafe got in touch to tell me about their carbon calculator that works out the carbon savings from repairs – something you might want to use if you’re involved in a repair cafe.

“The normal economy is never coming back” says Adam Tooze at Foreign Policy. There are a lot of articles like this about at the moment, but this is a particularly useful one.

I wrote recently about low carbon cement from CEMEX. Just get it delivered in one of Liebherr’s new electric cement mixer trucks to complete the low carbon loop.

I’ve been blogging with WordPress for over a decade and haven’t ever posted a referral link for it. On the off chance that you’re in the market for web services, clicking through from here will net us both $25 in WordPress credit.

The United Arab Emirates is investing $100 million in indoor farming. It is often mentioned as a potential solution for sustainable food production, especially in countries with less water but plenty of sun. An investment of that size will fairly definitively answer the question of whether or not indoor vertical farming has a substantial role to play.

I have, incidentally, being experimenting with vertical indoor growing myself while on lockdown. I spent considerably less than $100 million. I might write more about it another time, but I’m using the new Plantbox system from Biotecture and it’s great.

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