What we learned this week

Here’s a briefing to British parliamentarians on the Swedish phenomenon of ‘flight shame’. Useful to read both for the subject itself and to see how it is being reported.

Speaking of Sweden, this week they powered down their last coal power station. After Belgium in 2016 and Austria this year, that makes them the 3rd country in Europe to go coal-free.

Global Dashboard was one of my favourite blogs a few years ago. It went a bit quiet for a while, but it recently relaunched with a focus on the Coronavirus and fair and sustainable recovery. Lots of good articles.

Following Heathrow earlier this year, a court has now found that Drax’s proposed new gas power stations were also given permission without due consideration of the net zero target. This adds further weight to the argument that legal cases may be able to halt carbon intensive development.

The planned book tour for the book I edited, Time to Act, was quashed by the coronavirus, but we’re holding an online book launch next Friday, 8th of May. All the details here if you want to drop in.

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