What we learned this week

The first cellular agriculture ice cream has gone on sale in the US from Perfect Day Foods. This is ice cream made with real dairy, but with no cows involved. It is likely to confuse vegans.

Britain’s climate assemble wrapped up this week, in very different circumstances to how it began. Here’s a concluding piece on how it’s gone and what happens next.

The Good Roll emailed this week to tell me about their bulk plastic-free toilet roll business. 50% of profits go to developing countries.

Will the coal industry be a casualty of the Coronavirus crisis? That’s an idea I hadn’t considered before, but we can hope so.

“We’re poised between two futures” say Alex Evans and David Stevens. “A breakdown scenario of conflict, fragmentation, and collapse. Or a breakthrough scenario of safety, restoration, and flourishing – for us and for the world.” Their new project, The Long Crisis, aims to create a network to support collective action for that second option.

Interesting news from the Luton Airport expansion project this week: “We are now also taking a fresh look at every aspect of sustainability and the impacts of running an airport. We are actively considering how we can set out a path that would make London Luton one of the most sustainable as well as socially conscious airports in the UK.” Not sure what that will mean exactly, but the expansion plans will not be submitted in June as expected.

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