What we learned this week

Neolithe is a French company that ‘fossilises’ household waste, turns it into stone and sells it as aggregates for the construction industry. I’d write a whole post on it if I was anywhere close to understanding it.

Sales of cleaning products have gone up during the coronavirus lockdown, which has been a windfall for those that sell them. Ecover have decided to put their bonus profits into a fund called Fertilise the Future.

Per capita, South African police kill three times more black people than the American police, and yet there have not been protests in the streets this week. Interesting observations and comparisons from Paul Clarke on the Africa is a Country blog.

In other news, I am currently hard at work on another book which has a particular sense of urgency about it, and I’ll tell you all about it soon. If posting frequency drops off in the next couple of weeks it’s because I’m putting my effort into that.

Feast your eyes on this lovely graph of coal power declining in the UK, from Drax Electric Insights. That green bar is Britain going two whole months with no coal at all.

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