What we learned this week

Lux Research have released their 2020 update on when electric cars will outsell internal combustion cars. The ‘inflection point’ is currently expected between 2035 and 2040 globally. That’s far too late and a sign that a lot more needs to be done to accelerate their adoption.

One thing that will accelerate it is cheaper electric cars from China, where manufacturers have made them for the mass market, rather than starting at the luxury end like Western firms have. Here’s the first one in Britain, the 3rd best selling electric car at the moment.

It’s been a good year for shareholder activism, reports the Financial Times, with a number of American corporations forced into social or environmental action at their AGMs.

It got off to a bad start on Wednesday, but I do like this idea from Arsenal footballer Hector Bellerin: every time his team wins, he’ll pay for 3,000 trees to be planted.

In further book news, I signed the papers this week with the literary agency Watson, Little and things are moving fast. Please excuse any slowness in posting or replying to comments.


  1. Wonderful! Congrats on your literary signing 😁 I’ve also just landed a position with the Dulwich group of schools in China and SE Asia as Group Head Sustainability & Global Citizenship. So I will be based in China, when I can next get there! Wishing bests!


    Excuse any errors and blame my thumbs and phone…

  2. Ref transition to electric cars, did people spot that Seth Weintraub (US battery tech journalist) reckons batteries that make electric vehicles cheaper than petrol ones are ALREADY being produced by Tesla?
    more coverage here:
    There are indications that a Tesla Gigafactory due to open soon in UK may be part of this trend.

    And on a wider ‘energy transition’ theme, there’s also this this interesting juxtaposition between Kwasi Kwarteng’s ‘moving on’ from fracking, and supporting Highview’s new £10M/’200,000 home’ CryoBattery in Carrington:



    1. Thanks Marcus. There’s so much happening at the moment, it’s hard to keep up with it all. Am hoping to get a post in on fracking at some point, and definitely on batteries once we know what the price point actually is.

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