What we learned this week

How are supermarkets doing on workers’ rights? Oxfam’s Behind the Barcodes campaign has published its latest update, showing how none of the supermarkets are scoring over 50% on measures to protect workers in their supply chains.

Climate Change News has a list of countries with net zero targets in law. Many more are discussing them at the moment. A useful companion to the list of countries with falling emissions that I published this week.

Chesapeake, one of the most high profile companies in the US shale boom, went bankrupt last weekend. It is the 18th shale company to call in the administrators this year. (This was always going to happen, as I wrote five years ago here and here.)

The German government confirmed this week that it is going to ban single-use plastics from July 2021. Wales is consulting on doing this too. Scotland is pushing ahead with a bottle deposit scheme. England, under Conservative leadership, needs to get its act together.

After a bit of a mad run over the last few weeks, I’m taking a few days off and hanging out with family in a caravan. You might get a picture of a sandcastle if you follow me on Twitter, but that’s about all you can expect from me this week.

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