What we learned this week

This week Britain’s Conservative government brought sanctions against a handful of Saudi Arabian officials, in response to human rights abuses. Then it privately phoned the Saudis to apologise for doing so, and the following day resumed arms sales to the country.

I’m doing a half hour webinar for Bristol University Press this coming Thursday on what the coronavirus has taught us about a fair and sustainable economy, and whether it is easier now to imagine a grown-up economy that puts wellbeing first. You’re welcome to join it and you can register here. Thursday 16th, 4pm GMT.

There is an All Party Parliamentary Group on Hydrogen. I did not know this. They brought out a report this week with a list of ways the government could support and encourage the production of hydrogen as part of a transition away from fossil fuels.

This year Denmark passed one of the most robust climate change laws in the world. Every year the government will have to get its climate plans signed off by parliament, making it accountable on a year by year basis. It will need to reduce emissions by 70% by 2030. All new policies will be screened for sustainability. Well worth reading this useful introduction to the law from BBC Future Planet.

Has China ditched its ambitions to move beyond coal in its post-Covid recovery? Are government policy and local policy out of step on coal? Sam Geall investigates these vital questions in The Financial Times.



  1. Wow, great news on Denmark!
    I was also stunned (in a good way!), at what the French citizens assembly has come up with, a law on Ecocide (and pledges to promote among other nations), and a Citizens Assuembly with some radical proposals that the government has promised to take seriously. What a provocation to UK! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BCPU75bxLIkQIS7V6cNK5wbqwN4VR4l0/view?usp=sharing
    https://www.francetvinfo.fr/monde/environnement/convention-citoyenne-sur-le-climat/logements-voitures-temps-de-travail-voici-les-principales-propositions-soumises-au-vote-de-la-convention-citoyenne-pour-le-climat_4012537.html I found Chrome did a pretty good job of translating those two French-language sites.

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