What we learned this week

Having holidayed out that way this year, I was interested to hear about Wild East, a new campaign to rewild the East of England. England is one of the most nature-deficient countries in the world and really needs this kind of big thinking.

Britain’s first Community Municipal Investment went live this week, meaning you can invest in renewable energy through West Berkshire council. I hope to see more of these in future, including locally.

Tyres and brake pads are a major source of ocean micro-plastics. Another issue to take into consideration on the problem of tyres. (HT Marcus)

They didn’t get much attention on this side of the pond, but a series of court rulings in the US have brought significant victories to indigenous campaigners, including the Standing Rock protestors opposing the Dakota Access pipeline. Nicely summed up by the New Yorker here.

The EU is carrying out a review of biomass energy generation, recognising that not all biomass should be recognised as carbon neutral.

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