What we learned this week

A few weeks back I wrote a post listing ten types of energy storage. If you want the same thing in a more detailed 36 page version and written by experts, download the Haynes manual for Electricity Storage, released by Renewable UK.

After some number-crunching, the insurer Direct Line has concluded that it is now cheaper to own an electric car than a petrol car in Britain. Adding in all relevant costs, taxes etc, electric cars save their owners an average of £107 a year.

I’m looking forward to reading Roman Zrznaric’s new book on long term thinking, The Good Ancestor, at some point. In the meantime here is his OpenDemocracy article on how to redesign democracy to take greater account of future generations.

I did a webinar for Bristol University Press a couple of weeks ago on ‘Arrival in a post-Covid world’. If you missed it live from my attic, BUP have since posted the video.

I’m off camping this coming week, so please excuse any delay in responding to comments, etc.

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