What we learned this week

Some potentially significant good news in the latest stats from the FAO – global meat consumption has fallen for the second year in a row. Have we reached peak meat, wonders Nathaniel Bullard at Bloomberg Green.

Speaking of meat, Jelmer Mommers writes about aviation, and how one trans-Atlantic flight is equivalent to 1,000 Big Macs.

31% of Black-owned businesses are successful when applying for a loan, compared to 49% for white-owned businesses. The micro-loans platform Kiva are prioritising Black businesses this month, and you can join Kiva and contribute here.

The ethics of lithium is a concern in a world that uses increasing amounts of it in electronics and battery storage. So this pilot project in Cornwall is one to watch – extracting lithium from deep geothermal brine, and by doing it with geothermal energy produced on the same site, it would be zero carbon.

Lots of nice ideas among the winners of the RSA’s Student Design Awards, including categories for circular economy fashion, reforestation and community building.

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