What we learned this week

For many households, including mine, the single biggest energy user is the fridge, so energy efficient fridges can make a significant difference to bills and to emissions. Could governments run a scrappage scheme for old fridges, or discounted fridges for low income households to help cut their energy costs? I was wondering about this, and discovered that Kazakhstan have already tried it.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average tracks the performance of the biggest 30 companies in America. Exxon Mobil has had the longest run on the index, added in 1928 when it was still Standard Oil. It dropped out this week.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation have released a circular economy toolkit “for those who want to learn, apply, and contribute to bringing circular design to life.”

Polio has been eradicated from Nigeria and therefore from the whole of Africa, leaving Afghanistan and Pakistan as the last places on earth where it remains a threat.

Did you hear that the United States is prepared to remove Sudan from its official list of terrorist-supporting states, but only if it pays $330 million?

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  1. In Massachusetts they will give you $100 for your old fridge.
    My sister has a high efficiency fridge and dishwasher.
    The fridge has a tiny motor that has to run all he time, but I guess uses less power.
    Her dish washer uses less water but can run for 6 hours!
    I do believe that efficiency is the best way to cut back on power consumption but I’m not sure how well it works with appliances.

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