What we learned this week

Media outlets consistently fail to incorporate the climate into stories that aren’t specifically about climate change. California’s current weather is a case in point, argues Emily Atkin in the Heated newsletter.

SEED Madagascar are running a great fundraising project for Coronavirus response in the country. Buy a mask, and it pays for 5 masks to be made and distributed in Madagascar. I know you have a mask already, but it doesn’t have lemurs on it, does it? Didn’t think so.

The Wangari Maathai Foundation has launched a new website celebrating the legacy of the Kenyan tree planter, Nobel Peace Prize winner and one of my heroes.

Liverpool has announced a new land commission tasked with using land for community wealth building. Land is one of the most neglected political questions in Britain, and a massively overlooked opportunity to address long term inequality and create a more inclusive economy.

Extinction Rebellion’s tactics are working like a charm – even if you don’t happen to like them” writes Luke Tryl from the think tank Public First, in an article that pinpoints XR’s usefulness better than most – including many in XR, in my view.


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