What we learned this week

Re:Tuna, the Swedish mall for secondhand goods, has a new shop: Ikea. The pilot store will sell refurbished products and is part of Ikea’s plans to support a circular economy.

Here’s something that’s been a long time coming: the world’s first and only certified flushable sanitary pads were launched this week by Planera. Where most pads are 90% plastic, these are fully biodegradeable.

A lot of NGOs don’t do any kind of aftercare on their schemes, so SolarAid are a good example of doing things well. They have researched what happens when their solar lights stop working, and have developed a repair manual and a training programme for repair technicians to prolong the lives of their products.

The British government has held 13 meetings with three different fossil fuel companies about the upcoming COP26 climate talks in 2021. It looks like Shell and BP are trying to leverage their net zero plans to get to be sponsors, which would make a mockery of the UK as hosts.

The New York Times invites readers to look up “the most significant climate threat unfolding in your own backyard” with this useful interactive map of climate risk in America. (Non-interactive screenshot below for teaser purposes…)

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