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David Lammy on climate and race

As part of this year’s TED conference, the British politician David Lammy gave this talk on climate change and race. It’s a brilliant introduction to the topic, with Lammy acknowledging that his focus had been on social justice, and climate change hadn’t featured. It’s only when you start to see how the effects of climate change are distributed, and how disconnected the causes and the effects of climate change are, that the racial inequality emerges.

“The climate movement is not only about protecting the planet” he says. “It is primarily about caring for the people who live on the planet. Globally as well as nationally, we need to recognize structural imbalances and inequalities.”

The talk covers much of the ground that I explore in my new book, including the references to colonialism, and the parallels with other environmental injustices such as air pollution. If you want to explore the intersection of these topics in more detail, that will be hopefully be available in 2021.


  1. Great shame your book hasn’t been published yet; hope some publisher soon recognises its value and gets on with it! HOpefully David Lammy’s contribution will be useful too..

  2. On another note, I’m often wanting to reference your posts or your website generally on Facebook, but your link (on this WordPress site) no longer points to anything active on FB. Will you be updating this at some stage?

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