What we learned this week

In recent days new articles about the US election have been published online at the rate of 800-900 every 15 minutes. In that torrent of attention, lots of other things have gone unreported. The New Humanitarian kept a list.

I somehow missed this in its inaugural year in 2019, but the Plastic Free Awards look great. Visit the website to nominate individuals, businesses and projects that are making a difference on plastic waste.

Did you know that BT – Britain’s formerly nationalised British Telecom – uses 1% of the country’s energy. As of this week, it’s 100% renewable.

As an advocate of participatory democracy, I was interested to see this proposal from the London borough of Newham, to create a standing committee of citizens that would “change the way the Council works so that we build a culture of trust and openness that involves our residents in our decision making”.

Britain ships an average of 300 tonnes of plastic waste a day to poorer countries to deal with.

I don’t usually write about the fiction that I read, but over half term I read Octavia Butler’s The Parable of the Sower, which was written in 1993 and imagines a fire-ravaged California. Not a cheery novel, but a strangely prescient one and full of echoes of present injustices. I’ve added it to a list of novels that reflect the themes of this blog, hosted on Earthbound Books (and here for US readers).

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