What we learned this week

Time Magazine looks at Amsterdam’s use of Kate Raworth’s doughnut economics model. “Economics is a social science, not a natural one” says Marieke van Doorninck, the deputy mayor. “It’s invented by people, and it can be changed by people.”

Last week I mentioned the meat industry’s advertising campaign against vegan diets. This week I learn that the dairy industry is gunning for the alternative dairy products sector in a big way – including new EU rules that would ban them from using certain kinds of packaging.

If you’re part of a church, you might like to check out the Climate Emergency Toolkit that’s been put together to encourage churches to declare a climate emergency.

If you were one of the people impressed by Amanda Gorman’s performance at the inauguration the other week, you might like her poem Earthrise.

This week’s highlights:

Save Salla, Save the Planet

Salla is a tiny and remote municipality that is known for being the coldest place in Finland. Despite being best known for skiing, they’ve just launched a bid for the Summer Olympic Games in 2032. You’ll have guessed by now that the campaign is very much tongue in cheek. As the final words in the…

Lifestyle change vs System change

A lot of the environmental movement, especially at the shallow end, is preoccupied with lifestyle changes. You know the kind of thing I mean – the top tips for reducing your plastic use or shrinking your carbon footprint. Go vegan. Get a bike. They’re often framed as sacrifices, things we have to ‘give up’ for…

Book review: Mission Economy, by Mariana Mazzucato

I’ll be honest: my heart sank a little at the title of Mariana Mazzucato’s new book, Mission Economy – A moonshot guide to changing capitalism. It’s Boris Johnson’s fault of course. He has ruined the word ‘moonshot’. For me, the word implies pet projects for national pride or politician’s egos, or perhaps the egos of…

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