What we learned this week

Oil giant Exxon has posted a loss of $22 billion as the pandemic has cut into demand. Shell has lost $21 billion. There will be more such headlines to come for fossil fuel companies that aren’t diversifying.

There has been lots of self-congratulation in Britain recently over its headstart in vaccinating for Covid-19. But as Cai Nebe warns at DW.com, “the West has treated vaccination as a right for itself and a privilege for the rest.” In so doing, they have ceded leadership on public health to others.

Legal challenges to climate policy are an increasingly common way to push businesses and governments further. Courts ruled against the French government this week, judging their actions to be insufficient. Not that it’s working everywhere – the British government has waved through a huge new gas power plant and a new coal mine in the last month.

The first human composting funeral service has opened in the US. In nature every dead animal turns back into soil, so it’s strange that we’ve got to a place where this is innovative.

If you’ve got 20 minutes to spare this weekend, have a look at the Fully Charged Show’s episode from Shenzhen, and how they are running 16,000 electric buses. As they say in the intro, these sorts of stories need to be broadcast around the world.

Latest from the Blog

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