What we learned this week

“Let’s start with the first fallacy: that climate action is an individual thing” writes Mary Annaise Heglar in Wired, in a very good article on what you can do about climate change. “Yes, it’s true that you can’t solve the climate crisis alone, but it’s even more true that we can’t solve it without you.”

Pawas Bisht considers the green nationalism of the tabloid newspapers at The Conversation, something I looked at last week.

It’s best not to get excited about turning points that may turn out to be temporary, but look – coal power in India has declined for two years in a row.

It’s best not to get obsessed with billionaires either, but would you care to guess which billionaire has the biggest carbon footprint?

Latest from the Blog

Who gets to escape climate disaster?

Here’s a new ad that premiered today. It’s a satirical tourist ad for Mars, brought to you by Fridays for the Future. It’s only the reveal at the end that brings the ad back to earth and highlights its climate justice message. The prospect of escaping climate change is only for the richest. For everyone…

Local food vs eating less meat

A simple observation for you today. When thinking about reducing emissions from food, one of the most high profile concerns is food miles. A lot of food travels a long way to get to us, and all of that adds to its total carbon footprint. Eating more local food, and more in line with the…

Book review: The Case for a Four Day Week

Another book in ‘the case for’ series from Polity Books, this slim volume considers the arguments for a four day week. Written by three researchers from the New Economics Foundation, it’s a clear and concise introduction to the question of working hours. “In this book we set out arguments for a four day week because…

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