What we learned this week

Until recently I was only aware of one off-the-shelf domestic biogas system on the market, despite their popularity in China and elsewhere. A reader told me about another one in Ireland: the MyGug, which looks like a giant egg in the garden.

Dharna Noor explains how and why America’s Black neighbourhoods often face greater flood risk in this article for Earther.

If you could scrap your car in return for £3,000 in credit for public transport? The BBC reports on a pilot scheme in Coventry.

On that perennial question of whether or not individual actions make a difference – a new book argues that the richer you are, the more likely it is that the answer is yes. That seems logical to me.

Following my recent mention of Tottenham Hotspurs and their status as the Premiership’s ‘greenest club’, I noticed that they’re copying Arsenal and having a massive battery installed in their stadium.

Sticking with the football for a moment, the Guardian Football Weekly podcast did a great episode this week that looked at both football’s impact on the climate, and the climate’s impact on football.

In case you missed it earlier this week, my new book is available for pre-order – and thanks to those of you who have done so already!

Climate change
is racist

Race, Privilege and the Struggle for Climate Justice.

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