What we learned this week

The Science Museum has a new exhibition on climate change, sponsored by… Shell. Again. It’s as if nothing was learned from the last time Shell sponsored a climate change exhibition.

Last year I wrote about how Gravitricity are developing ways to store energy in falling weights dropping down old mine shafts. Their demonstrator project is now live, giving us a sense of what that looks like.

The weather forecast is a very ordinary thing, something you might check in the morning over a cup of coffee. But it can also be an important part of protecting communities in a changing climate, as the Daraja project in Kenya and Tanzania demonstrates.

Speaking of mornings, on the other side of Africa, a rare and ‘lost’ coffee variety has been identified. It’s not the highest prioity climate issue, but arabica coffee beans are threatened by climate change. This West African variety combines great taste with better heat and drought tolerance.

The Hay Festival (for those unfamiliar, it’s a literature event and is not about hay) has a big focus on climate change this year. They have a writing competition called Write For Change that I know some of you will want to enter.

My church is the woods, and among my various local projects in Luton is an outdoor church that I help to run with friends. Since there’s been a surge in interest in outdoor church while buildings are closed, we’ve gathered together some of our ideas and published this resource book for those new to the idea.

You can get it from Engage Worship, and hear us talk about the project in this podcast.

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