What we learned this week

As the Euro 2021 football tournament gets underway, the BBC asks what the carbon cost of the event will be. A few years ago this was only of interest to environmental publications. Now it’s the BBC. Give it a couple more years and EUFA and FIFA will be asking too.

Followers of fusion power will be interested to hear about the new record set in China, where their research reactor generated temperatures of 120 million degrees Celsius – eight times hotter than the core of the sun – for two minutes. If fusion power proves viable, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if China gets there first.

Bees & Refugees is a London based project that trains refugees in beekeeping and hive making. “Beekeeping teaches confidence, trust, and acts of kindness and we love sharing this through our workshops. It also has that power to bring people together and research has shown that it has amazing therapeutic benefits.”

California has been in drought conditions for 13 years since 2000. Yale Climate Connections investigates the long term impact.

In case you missed it, the book came out this week in the UK. I won’t list all the promotional stuff, but this interview with News Talk Radio was pretty good.

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