What we learned this week

Striking headline from Oxfam: “COVID vaccines create 9 new billionaires with combined wealth greater than cost of vaccinating world’s poorest countries.”

What the Conservative government say about climate change and what they actually do remain in separate orbits, as I described yesterday. More evidence of that discconect as they prepare to green light the 150 million barrel Cambo oil project in the North Sea.

Development aid is not dependent on GDP growth, say the OECD. Several countries have extended their oversease development aid despite the difficulties of COVID – and puncturing the claims that the UK ‘cannot afford’ aid.

Joy in Enough is a project I’m involved in which helps the church to understand the role they could play in shaping a greener and fairer economy. A new discussion course, Plenty!, launched this week.

Building on the work of Phd scholar Harriet Bergman, my book has prompted a two day conference at the University of Antwerp. It’s called Privilege on a warming planet – climate change, racism and patterns of denial, and it takes place on September 23rd and 24th.

In defence of electric vehicles: carbon emissions

I’ve written a couple of articles recently about electric cars and some of the common criticisms of them. In particular, I’m interested in the ‘friendly fire’ criticism from environmentalists who overstate the problems in order to champion public transport or cycling. But in so doing, they play into the hands of the fossil fuel industry…

It’s World Female Ranger Day

Today is the inaugural World Female Ranger Day, an idea hatched by the environmental charity How Many Elephants. Obviously it’s World Something Day every day, some of them worthy, some less so. Monday was Indigenous People’s Day, yesterday World Rainforests Day. Even today has competition, as the UN has a focus on widows today. Widows…

How responsible for climate change is the global north?

One of the arguments in my book, Climate Change is Racist, is that the climate crisis has been disproportionately caused by the global north*. Since the citizens of the global north are majority white, there is a racial dynamic to climate change that we don’t talk about very often. But are we sure that the…

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