What we learned this week

In a great piece of undercover investigation, Greenpeace’s Unearthed team caught Exxon lobbyists explaining how and why they lobby against climate change, plastics and chemicals regulation. “Did we aggressively fight against some of the science? Yes.” Also on Channel 4 news.

China is the world’s biggest CO2 emitter, but to what extent is it to blame for climate change? DW’s factcheck helpfully and colourfully contextualises China’s huge impact.

I wrote an article for The Big Issue last week. Unless you follow me on Twitter, where I remembered to mention it, you missed in it the paper edition. It’s online here now though: The black and white issue of climate suffering.

How does the ethical electronics pioneer Fairphone live up to its ambitions? Their annual impact report assesses their progress.

Fewer blog posts this week because work has been interrupted by hospital visits and my daughter’s diabetes diagnosis. But she’s doing okay, and things will hopefully settle down this week.

Tune into Rivercide on July 14th

On hot summer days, one of our favourite places to go as a family is down to the river Lea. For us here in Luton, the Lea is our river. It rises in Marsh Farm, and flows as a modest stream through the town and Wardown Park. By the time it eventually spills into the…

Enso – circular economy tyres for electric cars

A couple of months ago I wrote about the roadside pollution from electric cars – the particles from tyres and brakes. In the UK, non-tailpipe emissions are around 8% of air pollution, so it’s not a huge contributor to the problem. But due to the weight of their batteries, electric vehicles may produce more tyre…

Book review: The Blue Wonder, by Frauke Bagusche

This is a book that’s taken me considerably longer to finish than most, mainly because on every other page I had to put the book down and do a Google image search for something. Giant isopods, which are like deep-sea woodlice the size of puppies? Yes, I’ll be needing to see what those look like.…


  1. Really sorry to hear of your daughter’s diagnosis Jeremy. Hope all is going well and will be thinking of you all

  2. Thanks! She’s remarkably calm and matter-of-fact about the whole thing, which is a blessing. It’s the change in habits and in levels of supervision from us as parents that’s more likely to go awry, to be honest.

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