What we learned this week

Coutts, London’s elite bank for the wealthy and the royals, has become a B-Corps – quite a statement of intent from the 300 year old instution.

“The fossil fuel sector is not about to turn its back on hydrocarbons. It has seen a beacon of hope in plastics”. DW.com have a nicely designed feature on how fossil fuel companies are turning to plastics in response to the existential threat of climate action.

Greenland recently banned any exploration for fossil fuels, effectively ruling it out of its economy in future. Similarly but at a more local level, a county in Washington has become the first in the US to ban all future fossil fuel infrastructure.

Congratulations to Gabon for securing UNESCO World Heritage status for Ivindo National Park. Gabon is 90% covered in forest, and the country is successfully maintaining that forest.

“Will we go along with this injustice, in the way that previous generations enabled slavery and empire?” The Church Times ran one of the hardest hitting sections of my book as an excerpt this week.

Nature ran a short review of the book this week too.

I’m back from holidays now, We’ve been in Harlech in Wales, which is also a World Heritage site for its castle.


  1. Norway definitely isn’t going to stop fossil fuel exploration. It’s going big into Arctic waters:

    Branko Milanovic asks if they are the new East India Company, happy to sell what they think unethical to consume. And if rich Norway won’t stop, what hope Russia or Nigera.

    1. Yes, Norway is particularly disappointing here because it talks such a good game on climate policy. And it’s already made a fortune from its oil and managed it for the long term. It’s more capable of saying ‘enough and no more’ than any other country on earth.

      But then Iceland making moves like this one might increase the pressure on them to think differently.

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