What we learned this week

“African countries are among the most threatened from shifts in weather patterns they played no part in triggering” writes David Pilling in the Financial Times, looking at how Africa has been marginalised in climate negotiations.

On a related note, climate negotiators often refer to an energy transition – and African leaders ask how that is relevant if you don’t have a dirty energy system to transition away from. The New Scientist asks the right question here: Can low-income countries leapfrog to clean energy?

In January the Four Day Week campaign launched an accreditation scheme. Here’s a list of companies that have signed up so far.

One of the UK’s biggest caterers has announced that it will no longer serve air-freighted food. Their contracts include COP26, so that may have given them an extra push. The more companies do this and talk about it, the easier it becomes for everyone else.

Personally I think people are far too quick to say that space travel is giving up on the earth, but some do say it eloquently. For Tim Jackson, “space travel is a natural extension of our obsession with economic growth.”

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