circular economy

Insect farming in a circular economy

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation posted a series of videos this summer, all exploring how to create circular economy food systems in Africa. You can view the whole series on Youtube, but I found this one particularly interesting. It includes several things I keep an eye on, such as insect foods, alternative toilets, and the circular economy. And it’s reporting from Kenya, with real projects that are already making a difference.

Insect farming still tends to make us squeamish here in the UK, but here are two practical examples of the role that it can play in sustainable agriculture. Neither of them end up with people crunching on whole insects, which is what tends to bring on the shudders when insect foods are discussed. Instead, insects become animal feed, fertiliser or an ingredient for fortifying other foods with added nutrients. See previous posts for others doing similar things in Europe and elsewhere.

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