What we learned this week

News coverage of climate change is at a 12 year high, according to the latest monthly update from the Media and Climate Change Observatory.

A difficult couple of months in Africa has had far less media attention than events elsewhere however, as The Independent reports.

The Superhomes programme celebrates green homes and home-owners in the UK, and it’s had a revamp. Check out the updated website and forthcoming events.

The latest from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation investigates how the circular economy can benefit biodiversity.

Solar trains are an exciting idea I’ve been watching for a few years – but what about solar trains in India? According to Possible, solar could run one in four trains in India.

I’m featured in the recycle week blog from Twinkl, producer of school and children’s resources. Why not have a go at creating your own printable crafts?

Highlights from the blog this week:

Interview: William Sutcliffe on energising and positive climate fiction

Over the holidays I read The Summer we Turned Green to the kids at bedtimes. It’s by William Sutcliffe, aimed at an early teenage audience, and it’s funny and wise and well observed. We rather related to it: it’s about a family involved in an airport expansion protest, as we are in Luton. And while…

How and why the Green Homes Grant failed

Earlier this year I wrote about my experiences with the Green Homes Grant, a government scheme to improve household energy efficiency. It worked for us in the end and we got our underfloor insulation done, but it was clear the scheme was stuttering. In February it was closed. After a decade of ignoring one of…

What’s all the fuss about hydrogen?

If you’re an active follower of climate matters, you may have come across debates around hydrogen and its role in a green economy. But you might not have done. It doesn’t come up very often, it gets technical quite quickly, and it has always felt like it’s a few years away. Compared to the column…

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