What we learned this week

I’ve been keeping an eye out for the solar-powered car from Sonos – perhaps the most sustainable car ever made – and Fully Charged covered it in an episode last week.

For those with an interest in rewilding, the announcement of the Affric Highlands project is pretty exciting – half a million acres of Scottish Highlands and the world’s first rewilding centre.

“What if those robbed of their lives and livelihoods by the climate crisis would, after all, choose to fight back with more radical means?” asks Elias Konig in a provocative essay on environmental sabotage.

If you want to ponder similar questions in the context of entertainment, try the movie Woman At War (trailer), which my wife and I watched recently and that I really enjoyed. It’s very funny for a movie about environmental sabotage.

My event with XR Southwark last week is online on Youtube. As planned, it starts off as an interview and develops into more of a conversation, so hang in there if you want to hear more on reparations and climate justice from Esther Stanford-Xosei.

Radio 4 listeners, you might want to tune in on Tuesday 12th at 11am for a documentary called The Black and the Green, about the “uneasy relationship between Black and Green political movements and ideas.” Presenter Weyland McKenzie is a compelling voice and it’ll be worth hearing, whether or not they use any of the interview I did for it.

The uses of hydrogen in industry

Week five in my series on hydrogen. Written in response to the British government’s new hydrogen strategy and the current interest around the subject, I’m looking at the pros and cons, the practical uses and the hype. More posts below. In earlier posts I’ve looked at how hydrogen could be used in transport or in…

The 20 countries most responsible for climate change

In 2019 Carbon Brief released a very helpful analysis of historic responsibility for climate change. This week they have published an updated version, and it’s worth mentioning it again. An important addition this time is the data on land use, so it includes the carbon impact of deforestation. It also includes import and export information,…

Looking forward to the ten year smartphone

Can you imagine owning a smartphone that wouldn’t slow down over time, with a battery that doesn’t decline to the point of uselessness, and that can be repaired if a part breaks? The Ten Year Smartphone campaign have been imagining just such a device: You may or may not have caught it from the video,…

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