What we learned this week

Rapanui are my favourite clothing company, for their constant experimentation on sustainability. Founder Mart Drake-Knight talks to the Sage podcast about building a circular economy business from scratch, at the age of 19 and with £200.

Did you catch the UNDP’s campaign Don’t Choose Extinction? Complete with video of dinosaur addressing the UN.

The notion of ‘failure demand’ – demand that is generated by failings elsewhere in the system – is a theme in my book The Economics of Arrival, co-authored with Katherine Trebeck. It struck us as a useful term that not many people had heard of, so it’s good to see it explained in this feature for BBC Scotland. (More on failure demand shortly)

In order to encourage sustainable transport to for the climate talks, the Campaign for Better Transport held a plane vs train race to Glasgow. Both participants arrived within two minutes of each other, but the plane journey was seven times more damaging to the environment.

This fact hasn’t stopped the government from cutting Air Passenger Duty on domestic flights in Britain this week, discussed intelligently by Leo Murray in the Guardian.

It’s going to be another week of reduced posting as I’m in Glasgow next week during the COP26 climate talks. And yes, I am taking the train.

I’m not an official delegate, just doing a couple of speaking events, one of which is The Renfield Lectures. If you’re in the city, you’re welcome to join a talk by a ‘world class expert on climate change’ on the 2nd or the 3rd, or with me on the 1st.

I’m also speaking at Strathclyde student union, 1pm on Monday, as part of the After the Pandemic project.

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