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Science education with Climate Fresk

One of the groups I encountered while I was in Glasgow for COP26 is Climate Fresk, a science education project based in France. I liked their approach, and took an afternoon out to take part in one of their workshops.

Climate Fresk have developed a set of cards that explain climate science. Over the course of the workshop, participants work out how they relate, and line them up to show the causes of climate change and how it affects us. It deals with some surprisingly complicated science, but participants get to the answers through discussion and sharing what they know, tapping into a kind of ‘collective intelligence’. There were many ‘aha’ moments in the workshop I attended, as people of a broad range of ages and expertise saw how things fitted together.

I was very impressed with it, and intend to train as a facilitator when I get the time. I hope to be able to run some workshops around Luton in 2022 (along with everything else I keep saying I’m going to do in 2022…) If you work in climate change campaigning and advocacy, or in education, you might find Climate Fresk a useful approach.

Or you might just want to take part in a workshop and learn a bit more about tipping points, carbon sinks, feedback loops or some of those trickier climate science terms that you’ve never quite nailed down. Either way, you can look up where workshops are taking place, or join one online – lots of options listed on the website.

Here’s their intro video:

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