What we learned this week

Mart Drake-Knight of circular economy clothing company Rapanui has done a TEDx talk and asked nicely for people to share it. It’s called ‘Dear Mr Bin Man’, after a letter he wrote aged five.

Have you heard of the Mothers’ Climate Action Network? I came across them for the first time this week and I know some Mums who would fit right in.

Extinction Rebellion kick off their next London week of action today. I can’t be there myself just yet, but I hope to get down there later this week. The demand is simple this time: “Our reliance on fossil fuels is funding wars, driving the cost of living scandal and leading to climate breakdown. This is why we are demanding an immediate end to all new fossil fuel investments.”

I was rather inspired by the Effective Altruism movement until it went down the rabbit-hole of challenging existential risk. A long read, but if you’re interested in how long-term thinking can be misused, this is a thought-provoking piece from Current Affairs.

One for the locals – I’m doing a couple of children’s author events around my book Max Counts to a Million for the Easter holidays. I’m at Luton Central Library on Monday 11th, and Hitchin Library on Thursday 14th. Bring the kids along. It’ll be fun.

Book review: Nature is a Human Right, ed Ellen Miles

Nature is a Human Right is a collection of essays and a manifesto for a campaign to “enshrine contact with nature – real, leafy, living spaces – as a legally protected right for all.” As a book, it’s a beautiful object: weighty and strikingly designed with wood-cut illustrations from Nick Hayes. The contributors are excellent,…

What happened to green habits during the pandemic?

In going about your everyday life since the pandemic, have you noticed how some environmental habits have disappeared? Perhaps a local cafe doesn’t do ceramic mugs any more, even if you’re drinking in. Or the cafeteria might have switched to paper plates. Maybe you are yet to venture back into a charity shop. I’d noticed…

Rebellion – the documentary

A new documentary was released in selected cinemas last week, and on Netflix from today. Called Rebellion, it tells the inside story of Extinction Rebellion, how it got started, the thought processes behind it, and its current relevance. Here’s the trailer: Directed by first-time film-makers Maia Kenworthy and Elena Sánchez Bellot, this is all about…

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