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Join the Big Plastic Count

Despite the attention on single-use plastic in the last few years, plastic is still everywhere. All those books and TV programmes and environmental campaigns, and it’s still impossible to avoid. Individual action is not enough, and promised government plans to tackle plastic never seem to get beyond consultations. I’ve seen glaciers move faster than the government’s plastic bottle deposit scheme.

It’s time to put some pressure on government and industry, and it would help to have more data on what plastics are actually in use in households up and down the country. So Greenpeace and Everyday Plastic are launching The Big Plastic Count to gather some on-the-ground information. The week of the 16th to the 22nd of May, participating households will log all the plastic waste that passes through their homes. This will help to create a national plastic footprint, which can then be used for more targeted campaigning.

Households and schools can take part, so this is something you can involve the family in, as the video below suggests. It’s a nice opportunity to do some community evidence-gathering, and I hope you’ll be able to take part. In fact, to encourage you along, I’m going to make a button to press. There you go. Press it. Press it now:

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