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What you need to know about fast fashion

Ethical Consumer shared this video last week on the five things you need to know about fast fashion, starting with why it’s called fast in the first place. It’s a really good summary of the issues, both social and environmental.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, given that moving fast is the whole point, but I was struck by how the issues have expanded and accelerated since I first wrote about clothing on the blog. The use of plastic in clothing, for example, didn’t seem like a major concern a few years ago and now it is depressingly ubiquitous. I’m not sure that the destruction of unsold clothing was something I heard much about either.

Fast fashion has an unsustainable business model on so many levels, and it’s so obviously something we can do without. See Ethical Consumer for more on the alternatives, and Labour Behind the Label have a petition on worker pay that you can sign here.

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