What we learned this week

After an absence of thousands of years, wild bison are roaming again in the UK. Just three of them mind you, and just in one woodland park in Kent. But it’s a start. Over the coming months and years, their effect on woodland management will be closely studied to inform future rewilding and restoration projects.

“The gap between severe droughts has narrowed – with three in the last 11 years – as climate change has exacerbated the severity and frequency of shocks and eroded resilience.” Good article in The Telegraph this week about Somalia and Somaliland, and how climate change erodes traditional ways of life.

Climate change is colonisation of the atmosphere – Erin Fitz-Henry on climate, race and new forms of colonialism.

A Welsh government project will investigate using warm water from the bottom of coal fields to provide zero carbon heating and hot water – exactly the kind of repurposing of fossil fuel infrastructure that I like to see.

The latest edition of the Zero Carbon Luton newsletter is out, and I’ll also share this little video of the Youth Climate Conference I’ve been involved in recently, an entirely peer-led two day conference for young people in the town.

I’m catching the train to Sweden with the family this week. A couple of things scheduled here and there, but normal posting will resume in a couple of weeks.

Greenpeace on climate, race and colonialism

A striking new report from Greenpeace this week explores the connection between the climate emergency and racism. It also breaks new ground in quantifying environmental racism in the UK. “Racism and the environmental crisis are two sides of the same coin,” says the report, Confronting Injustice. It describes how people of colour have been disproportionately…

Why you might never charge your Aptera EV

How far are we from a self-charging solar car, I asked in 2017. We can now answer that question definitively. Turns out we were six years away. You can order a self-charging solar car now, and they should be on the roads in 2023. I’m aware of three. There’s the Sono Sion, which is available…

Reporting heatwaves responsibly

Britain is experiencing a heatwave this week, with record temperatures expected today and tomorrow. The mercury has never reached 40C in the UK, and there’s a good chance it will breach that record today. While this isn’t unusual heat for some parts of the world, Britain is not accustomed to those sorts of temperatures. Homes…

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