What we learned this week

Nice bit of investigative journalism from BBC’s Panorama this week, exposing the failed promises of Britain’s biggest ‘green’ power station, the wood-burning Drax. Article here if you can’t get iPlayer where you are.

Sorry We Wrecked the Economy is a little project that succinctly outlines the network of free market think tanks responsible for current government economic policy.

France has launched a national energy saving plan ahead of the winter – something notably absent from Britain’s response to the energy crisis.

If you’d like to see the British government take that approach, and take some obvious steps to protect citizens from energy costs long term – insulation, renewable energy, and the winding down of fossil fuel dependency – then Greenpeace have a petition.

While you’re signing things, why not add your name to this petition from Greenpeace Africa aimed at preventing the sell-off of a huge portion of the Congo’s rainforests for oil and gas development.

An event to let you know about – I’m hosting an online panel on climate and race on October 20th for Tearfund. It’s aimed at black majority churches, but all are welcome.

What about a global frequent flyer levy?

Brits fly more than any other nationality. We take so many flights that one out every 12 international air passengers is British. Even so, half the adult population doesn’t fly at all in any given year, and it’s mainly the richest that take multiple flights a year. That’s why there’s a good case for a…

Why does Mongolia have such a high carbon footprint?

Last weekend I was doing a talk at Ely Cathedral, and I showed a slide of per capita carbon emissions around the world. Somebody asked a question that I’ve had a few times now – what’s going on in Mongolia? Located between China and Russia, Mongolia is easy to spot on this map. It’s the…

The San Marino Declaration for sustainable architecture

This week one of the more obscure UN bodies has been meeting in San Marino, the mini-republic located entirely within Italy. I speak of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s Committee on Urban Development, Housing and Land Management. I can’t claim to know anything much about this particular committee, even though this is their…

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