What we learned this week

Overhead power cables for trucks are proving successful in Germany and there will be a UK trial on the M180, a 26 mile spur of motorway near Doncaster.

The WWF’s Living Planet report for 2022 is out. There’s one every two years, and this year there’s a youth edition as well.

Britain’s gas imports would be 13% lower if David Cameron hadn’t dropped his husky hugging act and chosen to “cut the green crap” instead, according to Carbon Brief.

New Zealand is considering the world’s first methane tax, and farmers are not happy about it.

I rather like the look of this new film from Bolivia. Utama personalises a struggle that many face at the moment as the climate changes their landscape – when is it the right time to abandon your homeland? It’s in UK cinemas in November.

The world’s first hydrogen airliner

Yesterday I wrote about Easyjet’s plans to reach zero carbon by 2050, a plan that pegs its hopes to hydrogen aircraft to deliver zero emission flight. While I was critical of Easyjet’s PR approach, there is reason to believe that hydrogen aircraft will be in the air by 2050. Exhibit A in the argument for…

Why Easyjet wants it to be all about you

After decades of ‘tips’ and ‘small steps’ that you and I can take to ‘do our bit’ for the environment, there’s been something of a backlash against personal action recently. A number of high profile authors and commentators reject the idea of individual action altogether. If action is to be meaningful, it has to be…

The other population crisis

“The biggest population crisis is not the growth in human numbers, but the growth in livestock numbers.” George Monbiot That’s a line that jumped out at me from Monbiot’s recent book Regenesis. I’ve written about the dominance of livestock before, but I hadn’t thought about it in those terms. The human population, he points out,…

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