What we learned this week

Basic income news – a letter from 285 signatories, including politicians from all parties, has been presented to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. It requests pilot schemes and a government taskforce to investigate a basic income in the UK.

Domestic and industrial energy users will be able to take part in a Demand Flexibility Service with the National Grid this winter, which will seem them compensated for not using energy at peak time.

France’s senate has voted to mandate solar canopies over the top of every car park with over 80 spaces. It is a mystery to me why this isn’t being doing across every supermarket and retail park across the land already – stick solar on top of your car park and double up on the land use.

If you’ve ever regretted the amount of waste involved with Christmas crackers, but have family who insist that they are essential, have a look at these reusable ones.

15 of the world’s biggest meat corporations have the same methane emissions as the whole of the EU, says Grist.

“It is just about possible to imagine western societies where – after some vigorous redistribution – everyone has the income, wealth and time to lead a good life.” The Guardian’s economics editor Larry Elliott in a rather positive article on degrowth. Wait, just about possible?

Young people need better climate education

A couple of months ago I wrote about the scandal of climate miseducation, where young people are taught climate science wrong in order to protect vested interests. But there’s a much more common failure in climate education – not giving young people enough information for them to feel part of the solution. This was highlighted…

What we learned from getting a battery installed

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I’ve been working to improve the efficiency of my house. I had an interim target to reach an A rating for efficiency by 2020, on the way to zero carbon by 2025. The latest step has been to install a domestic storage battery. This will allow us…

Building of the week: Stadium 974

The Qatar World Cup begins this weekend, and the list of objections to it is at this point long and well rehearsed, from corruption to greenwash, to human rights abuses and oppressive anti-LGBTQ laws, to the absurdity of holding sporting events in the desert in the first place. But this I do like: the first…

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