What we learned this week

  • “Developments in space travel and technology need to benefit everyone,” not just billionaires in absurd hats, writes Gareth Worthington in The Big Issue.
  • The organisation Campaign for Better Transport celebrated its 50th birthday this week.
  • Shell’s profits for 2022 were nearly $40 billion, which is “more than double the conservative figure of $16 billion for clear-up costs of last year’s devastating floods in Pakistan.” Filipino activist Yeb Sano explains why he is taking direct action against the company.  
  • The latest Zero Carbon Luton newsletter went out last week. If you want to read some of my more locally specific climate stories, this edition includes a pioneering e-bike loan scheme, a school campaigning against traffic on their street, and Luton’s eco-churches.
  • Which reminds me, Christian Aid have a new discussion guide for church small groups called Talking Climate Justice.

Highlights from this week

A fashion for degrowth

In my book, it doesn’t make much sense to be pro or anti growth. That’s like being for or against activity, or motion. These are broad and abstract things, and we need more information before we can form an opinion. Growth of what exactly? For whom? And at what cost? I’m not the only one…

The return of the climate department?

There was some surprise news in UK politics yesterday. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been reshuffling his ministers and re-ordering some departments. In the process, the idea of a climate department has been brought back from the dead. Grant Shapps will now head up a newly formed Department of Energy Security and Net Zero. If…

The companies offsetting their entire existence

The drive to ‘net zero’ has brought a new energy to climate action, but has also brought new levels of greenwash. Everyone has a net zero target to meet, but how that’s defined is a bit of a free-for-all. Interchangeable terms and vague commitments abound. But a small handful of companies are attempting to go…

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