What we learned this week

The Drawdown project has developed a new way to browse their eminent collection of climate solutions online. If you haven’t checked in with them for a while, have a look at their new ‘discover’ feature.

It’s been ten years since Bill McKibben’s influential essay for Rolling Stone on the maths of climate change. He’s followed it up with an update on what has changed since, and how we “break the 700,000-years-long human habit of setting stuff on fire.”

What is the lifetime environmental impact of your car, including manufacture and disposal? Green NCAP have an online tool that allows you to calculate it and make comparisons with other cars.

A reminder that Extinction Rebellion’s next big action takes place in London next weekend. They have put aside arrestable actions for 2023, so you’ve ever wanted to be involved but hesitated over civil disobedience, this might be a good time to come and see for yourself.

Not necessarily to do with the themes of this blog, but if you’re interested in writing, reading, and the controversy around editing literature, this article from the FT on sensitivity readers is useful. (I had a child psychologist read my children’s book for the reasons the article describes.)

I am, incidentally, working on another children’s book at the moment and trying to get a first draft done. So if there are fewer posts than normal for a couple of weeks, that is hopefully a sign of productivity rather than neglect.

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