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Let’s clean up fashion

Clean Up FashionTo follow up on Paul’s post yesterday, I came across the organisation Labour behind the label the other day. In association with a number of other agencies, they have profiled a series of high-street brands, and the results are on a site called clean up fashion.

Companies are ranked according to wages, freedom of association (are workers allowed unions or representatives), and monitoring (how well does the company keep an eye on worker conditions). Companies are scored out of 5 on these three criteria. How do they fare? Well, I’ll leave you to explore the site at your leisure, but I’ll mention a few, like Primark, since we’ve talked about them before. They get 4 out of 15. We’ve also talked about Tesco, in relation to their recent AGM. They fare better with 7, but their efforts are limited to pilot projects. ASDA, part of the Walmart chain, score 3.

I recommend reading the whole report, which you can download here, and take a look at Labour Behind the Label’s other campaigns.

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