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Christmas tricks and treats

Following on from Jeremy’s posts on Christmas, here is a small article on how supermarkets get us to buy the items they want us to, and how they basically spur the spending spree. It also tells us what to avoid if we don’t want to wind up overspending.

Some of the information has been mentioned here before, but theres no harm in being reminded.


  1. There are plenty of alternatives to being bludgeoned by the commercial lobby into a commercial binge. I know someone who only buys gifts which will be used up in three months or so. Then again, you could decide to only give gifts you have made yourself, if you have a hobby, or a creative streak which you like to indulge. Maybe you could agree with certain friends that instead of giving gifts to each other, you will put the cash you would otherwise have spent on presents into a collection and send it to a worthy cause of your choice. There must be lots of other ideas and alternatives out there. I would love to hear what other people do.

  2. Supermarkets are more devious than you can imagine. I’ve been reading some consumer choice research recently, and their cynical money-grabbing tactics are incredibly insulting to their customers. It’s so carefully researched it sounds ridiculous when you talk about it, because you sound like you’re being paranoid, but actually nothing is accidental in a supermarket – the lighting, the aisle widths, the colour of the signs… We’ll post more on it soon.

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