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SolarAid launch

shirt.jpgSolarAid launched on Monday, a brand new charity that hopes to fight climate change and poverty at the same time, by bringing micro-solar technology to the world’s poor.

I went along with my Celsias hat on, and you can read my full report there.

The basic idea is to train people in developing countries to use solar power on a small scale. Local entrepreneurs can then set up little businesses making solar lamps out of hurricane lanterns, or panels that can charge a phone or run a radio. It’s giving electricity to people who can’t otherwise afford it, in countries we’d rather didn’t fall into the same fossil fuel addiction we are plagued with.

It’s a really innovative charity, and I’d recommend checking them out. As they’re new and clearly on to something, I’ll be keeping an eye on SolarAid and keeping you posted with their news.

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