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There’s a great article in this month’s Ecologist magazine. It’s not on their website, but that’s fine because you subscribed of course after I recommended it last time. No?

“In the rich world we have gone from millennia of scarcity to unprecendented abundance. Materially we have everything we need to be content. Except for a stop-button.”

“We have created a modern culture that constantly and powerfully prods our acquisitive instincts, stranding us on a carousel of unfulfilable desire, while our planet’s natural resources become depleted and its ecology collapses.”

EnoughIn short, it’s time we accepted that “the carrot of infinite promise will always dangle just beyond our noses.”

Nicely put, I’m sure you’ll agree. It would be rude of me to quote any more, but pick up a copy of Ecologist and read the rest of John Naish’s article, or look out for his book ‘Enough: breaking free from the world of more‘ when it’s released later this week.

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