Re-publishing policy – the answer’s yes

I often get emails asking for permission to re-publish posts, and the answer is always yes. This blog isn’t written for profit, but because I’m passionate about the topics I write about, and the wider the audience the better. If you would like to reproduce a post in a magazine, newsletter, or a guest post on your website, please do.

In recent months posts have found their way onto campaign blogs, school projects and a couple of different magazines. Posts have also been used in a textbook for German high-schoolers, a Japanese university entrance exam, and translated into Malayalam for the counter-culture journal Patabhedam.

My only condition is that the writing is credited to Jeremy Williams somewhere. And if you’re re-posting online, a link back to the blog is always welcome.

All written content is copyright-free and published under a Creative Commons attribution license. Images and graphs may be subject to copyright.


  1. Thanks for your gift – Here’s mine. Hope you like it. A great little poem found in a newspaper. It twice mentions God, but I changed it to suit all. HAPPY NEW YEAR.


    WE’RE all on a one-way journey

    Through the perilous landscape of ‘Time’,

    It began here on Earth when first came the birth

    Of man from primordial slime.

    There is no going back on this journey

    And it takes us from cradle to grave,

    Traversing its length will take wisdom and strength

    So we’ll need to be steadfast and brave.

    The journey is long and demanding

    The transport a sobering sight

    The mirror will tell what we know all too well

    Reflection will show that I’m right.

    The maps for this journey are sketchy

    The signposts oblique and obscure,

    There are guidebooks, it’s true, which are read by a few

    Though strangely most travellers ignore.

    We’ll need help and support for this journey

    And we travel one day at a time,

    We’ll face deserts and seas, thick forests of trees

    There are steep rocky mountains to climb.

    There are rose-coloured paths on this journey

    And they promise to primrose the way,

    But beware of these byways and stick to the highways

    These slyways will lead us astray.

    We’ll meet gurus galore on this journey

    We’ll find hucksters and shysters abound,

    There are plausible ‘prophets’, who for a small profit

    Will show us a ‘shortcut’ they’ve found.

    There are phantoms to face on this journey

    Dark demons of doubt and delay,

    In the bleak black of night there are spectres to fight

    Hobgoblins to face day by day.

    But if we are true to this journey

    And we travel with courage and hope,

    The compass of conscience will highlight the nonsense

    And teach us the best way to cope.

    But what of the end of this journey

    When death decides this Is the day?

    If the grave is the end, why bother to spend

    Our lives on the straight, narrow way?

    Ah, but death is the point of the journey

    The wisdom for man to discern,

    At its pure central core is the one perfect law

    That the universe wants man to learn.

    So what Is the ‘law’ of the journey

    The reason behind the great ‘why’?

    That the seeds of destruction contain reconstruction

    That life once imbued cannot die.

    So take heart and be brave on your journey

    This timescape, this great master plan.

    For what is this Earth if not death and rebirth,

    The paradigm held up to man.

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