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Every week I come across dozens more things than I can possibly write about. I underline things in books, scribble in the margins, tear out newspaper articles, and make mental notes. Most of those things are then ignored or forgotten. So, herewith a roundup of this week’s miscellanea. (I was going to post it on the weekend, but I forgot.)

    • You know how we were saying derivatives don’t have any intrinsic worth? According to the New Economics Foundation, there are $60,000 billion worth of credit derivatives in play on the London market.
    • Vladimir Putin has a doctorate from the St Petersburg Mining Institute. 
    • After Hurrican Katrina, over sixty different countries sent aid to the US, including Afghanistan and Iraq.
    • The people who own think it is worth $2,500. I don’t. 
    • When it is practically raining free fruit in the form of blackberries and windfall apples, the BBC’s Good Food site helpfully recommends blackberry and apple crumble cake. It is complicated, but it is tasty.


    1. Crumble cake looks great, but I just toss apple slices and blackberries in a pie dish and throw oats, flour, brown sugar, ginger, and a little baking soda on top, mixed with cut in cold butter and you’re set.
      Why does it seem I can only comment on food today? Hmm…anyway, keep up the good work and give Lou a hug for me.

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