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Make Extreme Wealth History

After Geez Magazine’s Make Affluence History, here’s another site very close to our own, Make Extreme Wealth History. Concerned that much campaigning on poverty is a call to governments to ‘make poverty go away’, without any lifestyle change from us, this site aims to challenge us all to consider our own contributions to the problem:

Our standard of living depends on other people’s poverty… While billions of people on our planet struggle to find work and food and shelter, we have created and encouraged an economy based on the extreme imbalance between rich and poor. As conscious consumers in this economy, we are all responsible for continuing to shape the relationship between rich countries and poor countries.

Their assertion that “we depend on the current system of poverty for our very way of life” is just what we’ve been saying, but their site is slicker and has a video and everything:

My only criticism is that by calling for an end to ‘extreme’ wealth, a lot of people point at the celebrities and let themselves off the hook. The video highlights the hypocrisy of the really rich, when actually we’re all immensely wealthy when compared to the Rwandan kids on the screen. But that’s not the spirit of the site, so maybe just ignore me and go say hello.

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  1. True. Of course, we are all experts at pointing the finger at others. But would you or I forgo another holiday, or the next new game…? Don’t we all constantly make allowances for ourselves and find excuses to let ourselves off the hook? We can always find someone else to blame. That’s our problem

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