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The bitter taste of non-fairtrade

The ecologist has an eye opening article on what goes into and comes out of industrial banana plantations.

If you’re not buying them Fairtrade and organic, argues Ed Hamer, then you’re buying into a modern agricultural scandal

While Tony Blair is quoted saying that the slavery of the 18th century is “one of the most shameful enterprises in history”, 800 million people of the world’s rural poor remain in shackles; locked in what some call jobs, and others call “modern day slavery”.

Read the full article here.


  1. One of the online activist groups I belong to invited me to attend direct action at the RNC and DNC. I asked them why they expected me to risk getting my head bashed in when after the rallies and street protests everyone was going down to the local police state retail shop and have coffee or buy some clothes.

    The shops we buy from all fund the police state and are part of the police state system. As this article points out very clearly our purchases and where we purchase supports the Corporations or companies we buy from. Our shopping is in fact a daily vote on the world we wish to build.

    If we buy from Corporations that use sweat shop labor in the third world then we too support sweat shop labor with our purchase.

    If we shop Corporations that fund political actions and politicians that support the Police State then we are funding the Police State with our purchases.

    If we don’t want Corporations moving jobs overseas yet we buy products and services made overseas then we support and fund the destruction of our own jobs, our own labor, and the well being of our own nations when we buy more from others like Communist China.

    It is ultimately we who determine if we engage in fair trade, home grown business, and labor rights.

    ensuring we are on the side of truth, we shall overcome and build a better world,


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