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TV turn-off week

tv-turnoff-weekThe average person in a developed country spends just over three hours a day watching television. In the US and the UK, that figure is nearer four hours a day.

While spending four hours a day watching television, 62% of Americans claim to be ‘always or frequently rushed’ to get everything done, 65% would like to spend more time with their families, and 78% would like to exercise more.

Is there any connection between these facts?

If you ever find yourself wishing you had more time to read, to play a sport, to do some gardening, to cook proper meals, or visit friends, stop and consider your viewing habits. Break your addiction to EastEnders, and you’ve just made the time to cook with fresh ingredients every day after work. Turn off the Sunday afternoon movie, and you’ve just cleared enough hours in the week to start a vegetable patch. Resist a repeat of Location Location Location, and you might get around to actually finishing your own DIY projects.

Nothing in modern life robs us of our time the way television does.

And therefore nothing is as liberating as sticking it on freecycle.

Next week, April 20-26th, is TV turn-off week, or if you prefer, Mental Detox Week. Unplug your television and do something else, and see how it feels. Take seven days to experience life with four extra hours a day. You never know, you might never go back.

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