Make Wealth History’s top ten posts

This is our 600th post, and it falls pretty close to our second birthday.  By way of celebration (and partly out of curiosity) I thought I’d put up our top ten posts so far. Here they are:

  1. Cultural and social factors that affect development
  2. Political factors that affect development
  3. Geographical factors that affect development
  4. Which is the most ethical oil company?
  5. The landfill problem
  6. What is ethical fashion?
  7. The first climate change war
  8. Which is the best carbon footprint calculator?
  9. Ethical shopping – an index of consumer labels
  10. Where does your recycling really go?

I’m happy with that.  The top three are a series on why some countries are poor, which is something that I think is very important. The posts on oil companies, labels and footprint calculators were all things I was looking for, and since I couldn’t find them I wrote them myself, just in case anyone else was after the same information. We’ve written some posts that I think are great but that never get read, but I guess I’ll have to live with that.

As we head into our third year, we have some decisions to make. When we started this was very much an exploration of what was wrong with the world. 600 posts and over 100 books later, I feel like we’re getting to the bottom of the problems. By now we really ought to be talking about solutions.

In the next few weeks, we’re going to be looking at how we proceed. Does Make Wealth History need to be more positive? Should we do more campaigning? Does the name still reflect our aims? Is the broad scope of the blog a help or a hindrance? Is it time for a re-design? We’ll be thinking about it, and perhaps we’ll even do a reader survey. For now though, here’s to post 601…

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