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Seasonal eating in August

August returns, the seasonal eating bonanza. The patio courgettes are growing faster than we can eat them, and there will be peppers and aubergine in the next couple of weeks. Sweetcorn is in, lettuce, lots of herbs, and leeks and peas.

The main crop of carrots, potatoes and onions are being harvested and stored, and tree fruits such as apples and plums arrive towards the end of the month.  Look out for raspberried, loganberries and gooseberries too.

Foragers will be hunting wild mushrooms, many of which are at the best in the summer, including cep and chanterelle, fairy ring champignon, and the giant puffball. Hazelnuts are also in season, early blackberries are out, and wild strawberries if you can find them. (I can’t.)

I’m aware that I’m writing this from a UK perspective. It’s harder to factor in the US because it’s so big and varied! The produce listed here will be more relevant to the north of the country. Eat the seasons has monthly listings for the US.

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